List of Low Float and Hight Short Interest Stocks on FloatChecker

List of Low Float Stocks & Highest Short Interest Stocks – January 2022

We thought it might be interesting to analyze the reported data and list the lowest float stocks and the highest short interest stocks for January 2022. We’ll break this out for the five financial sites: Yahoo Finance, Finviz, TD Ameritrade, Morningstar, and the Wall Street Journal. Let us know if you find this useful for your trading.

Real-Time Volume Indicator Feature Image on FloatChecker

Real-Time Volume Indicator for Thinkorswim

We wanted to share this indicator we found that can help you see the buying and selling volume as it’s happening in real time. Our short video will show you how it works and how you can quickly add this to your Thinkorswim platform using thinkScript. It’s super easy so give it a try!

Float vs Short Interest vs Outstanding Shares

We Added Short Interest and Outstanding Shares

Now you can easily check the short interest ratio and outstanding shares as well as stock float. Read on to see how you might want to incorporate this in your trading. We hope you find this data useful. Let us know how you like it on our social media!

Volume Indicators Feature Image on FloatChecker

Better Volume Indicators for Thinkorswim

Let’s improve on the volume indicators for your default Thinkorswim chart. We’ll add easy-to-read labels for Total Volume, Current Bar Volume, Premarket Volume, and more. We’ll also add dual-colored volume bars to get a visual representation of the buying and selling volume for each candle. We’ll accomplish this with thinkScript, the built-in programming language for Thinkorswim. The process is easy and only requires some simple copying and pasting.