Better Moving Average Labels for Thinkorswim

Moving Average Labels for Thinkorswim

Many traders like to use moving averages on their stock charts. But did you know they may not perform as you expect on Thinkorswim? Let us show you how to quickly setup easy-to-read labels for any time frame you like.

How Not to Paper Trade

How NOT to Paper Trade

Paper trading is perfect for beginners and seasoned investors alike. You can learn a new platform, test different strategies, and practice with alternative securities such as options. But check out the number one habit you can adopt now to give yourself the best chances of success when you switch to a live account.

Speed Up Your Thinkorswim Software

Speed Up Your Thinkorswim Software

You want to make sure your Thinkorswim software is running as fast as possible, right? We’ve got you covered with the right settings, including the tricky question of RAM allocation. Check out our short video now.

February 2022 Low Float High Short Interest Stocks on FloatChecker

February 2022 List of Low Float Stocks & High Short Interest Stocks

In this post we’ll set out our list of low float stocks that also have a high short interest, as reported on the popular financial websites Yahoo Finance, Finviz, TD Ameritrade, Morningstar, and the Wall Street Journal. These types of stocks can sometimes experience explosive price movements. Check out our February 2022 list now!